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Spring in Estonia

By | Saturday, April 07, 2012 3 comments
Two weeks ago I was feeling really happy. The snow had finally melted, there was no more icy sidewalks and funny (ridiculous?) slips. I said goodbye to my purple teddy bear boots and life almost started making sense again. Spring is coming, Betty, I can smell it, I thought. Right? Wrong! On Monday I woke up and this was the view from my window:

And this was what I saw when I opened the dormitory door.

Snow in Tallinn

Hello, Spring!
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  1. OK, I'm already in love with this blog! I wish you were here with me now, but since I can't have you, at least I can have this :D:D
    I hope that spring is coming straightaway to you :)
    Volta rápidooo!! Muitos **************

  2. Love the pictures!! :) just think that next year you're gonna have summer all year long ;)