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The art of going back - Madrid, Spain

By | Thursday, October 23, 2014 6 comments
After a bit more than two years I finally went back to Europe and I was there for three weeks. The main purpose of this trip was to present my senior projects so I could graduate from my home university in Madrid. 

*this title comes from a book by Enrique del Risco, which means "We'll always have Madrid"

I don't know about you guys, but for me going back to the places where I used to live has always been somewhat bittersweet. As my dad used to tell me when I was little, "never return to the places where you used to be happy." People have moved on, you have moved on, the places where you used to go don't exist anymore and new ones have opened. You want to feel the same way you used to feel about the city but you can't because the experiences you had while you were away have changed you. You aren't the same person anymore when you go back. However, meeting again old friends, taking the same pictures you took three and four years ago, trying to revisit your favorite spots and doing touristy things helped me a lot in this process. Because we'll always have Madrid.

The famous Spanish department store El Corte Inglés opened a new space called Gourmet Experience which has great views over Madrid. Totally recommended!

Croquetas, jamón, patatas a la brava at La Sureña

Another place to see great views of the city is the rooftop of the Círculo de Bellas Artes building! 

Palacio de Cristal ("Crystal Palace") in Retiro Park.  They had an exhibition called "Splendide Hotel" which included rocking chairs and books for people to read.

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  1. Adorei as fotos chuu! :) O teu pai tem razão em dizer isso, mas espero que tenhas sempre muito carinho a Aveiro e que tenhas gostado dos dias lá, we'll always have Aveiro, too, and swirls!! :)
    beijinho muito grande com muitas saudades! <3

  2. Adoro!! Eu nunca tinha pensado em tal coisa (o dito do teu pai) e apesar de realmente parecer bom conselho, até ao momento sempre vi a coisa ao contrário... depois de seres feliz num sítio, a tua marca está lá para sempre, e um retorno despoleta uma reacção emocional muito forte... lembranças... é como se pertencesses à cidade e ela te pertencesse a ti, de uma forma que ninguém mais irá entender, porque só tu a viveste assim, e isso é muito mágico.
    <3 milhões de saudades

  3. Such lovely photos! Going back is often a tough experience, though sometimes it does work out really well! In university I did a semester abroad in Nepal, where I had lived for a year when I was five years old. It was crazy how familiar everything felt, and I pretty much instantly re-fell in love with Nepal!

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  5. I love your photos! I always get nostalgic for the places I've lived, though it can be disappointing when you go back. I guess the point is that you always have the memories, that places can change but your memories will always be with you!

  6. These photos are beautiful. It's so true what your Dad said to you that all things change but I still think it's worth it going back to places where you once where happy.

    xx Cheyenne