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The art of going back - Aveiro, Portugal

By | Sunday, November 09, 2014 3 comments
Hello there!

I'm back here to continue showing you guys some more pictures of my trip to Europe. This time the post is about Aveiro (Portugal), the city where I grew up. I lived in this small but cozy city for 12 years (so basically half of my life) and I really have great memories from this place. 

I stayed at my best friend Teresa's house and we tried to go to all our favorite places (most of them food related, I confess). Teresa and I have been friends since the end of middle school and even though we now barely see each other (she's studying Medicine in Barcelona), we always keep in touch. She has a fashion blog and you should definitely check it out - Tere's Scrubs

One of the things that I like the most about Aveiro is that everything is within walking distance and it's very safe. It was good for me to be in a calm place, where people seem to know how to enjoy the small things in life. It's also very easy to bump into old classmates or friends in the street, which is something I'm really not used anymore and that I miss sometimes. Unfortunately I didn't get the best weather when I was there, so the pictures don't look as good as I wished they would! 

Aveiro is known as the Portuguese Venice because of its canals and gondola like boats (we call them"moliceiros")

My friends at the University of Aveiro

I know Portugal has great food BUT my favorite restaurant is actually a pizzeria called Pizzarte 

There's always time for a mini photo shoot! This is my friend's boyfriend's little sister. Isn't she cute?

The beach!

It's always windy there, haha!

If you go to Aveiro you have to try this! This is a kind of crepe called "tripa" (which means "gut" - don't ask me why!) and there's different filling combinations. I had Nutella in this one! :)

Costa Nova and its typical houses with stripes

My favorite Portuguese sisters :)
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  1. <3 <3 <3 miss you a thousand times.
    o post está lindíssimo. saudades de estarmos todas juntas lá!

  2. ohhhh Betty adorei o post!!! :D que saudadeeeees!!! :) adorei estes dias e é tão bom voltar a ver as fotos! :)
    adoro-te!! <3

  3. Great post! I wanna go! :)